bafang 250w 36v bbs01b mid drive kit front view
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b specification - varstrom
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b mid drive kit back view - varstrom
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b mid drive kit top view - varstrom
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b mid drive kit with crank side view - varstrom
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b package list - varstrom
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b display options_1 - varstrom
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b display options_2 - varstrom
   bafang 250w 36v bbs01b mid drive kit front view
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b specification - varstrom
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b mid drive kit back view - varstrom
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b mid drive kit top view - varstrom
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b mid drive kit with crank side view - varstrom
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b package list - varstrom
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b display options_1 - varstrom
bafang 250w 36v bbs01b display options_2 - varstrom
Bafang Mid Drive Kit Installation for BBS and BBSHD

Bafang 250W 36V UART Protocol BBS01 Ebike Kit with Pedal Assist Function

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Chainring Tooth 36-tooth
eBrake Levers Options Mechanical eBrake Levers

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Varstrom had became Bafang Cooperation Brand since 2018.


Varstrom support 14 days money back guarantee.


One Year Warranty  for all customers.
Two Years Warranty for all subscribers.

Why Convert Your Bike to an eBike

If you own a bike, you should know about the benefits that an eBike can do for you. Pedal assist, reduce stress and impact on your knees and thighs. Save time, you can get higher speed with less pedaling, the average speed of cycling is 10 to 15km/h, the speed of an eBike can be 20 to 50km/h, you may save 25% to 60% of the travel time. Cutting costs, if you use a motorcycle or car, you need to consider high fuel costs and parking costs, eBike can save these costs. Nature-friendly, riding an e-bike is emission-free and using an e-bike helps protect the environment.

What Do I Need to Convert My Bike to an eBike

You need a set of eBike conversion kits, they include a motor, a display, a pair of eBrake levers, a chainring, and a battery. In Varstrom, you will get everything you need to convert your bike.

How Can I Choose the Right Kits for My eBike Conversion

1. Confirm the Bottom Bracket Size

Varstrom provides 68 to 73mm/100mm/120mm BB size for BBS series (250W/350W/500W/750W/1000W) mid drive kits. 68 to 73mm BAFANG mid drive kits are suitable for most bicycles, if you still don't know whether our motor is suitable for your bicycle, you can download and print our measuring paper for measurement, or you can contact us to confirm the size.

Download Measurement Paper for BAFANG Mid Motor

2. Choose the Power of the Motor

Varstrom provides 3 series for BAFANG mid motors, motors of different series provide significantly different speeds and max torque, motors of the same series provide similar speeds and max torque. You can go to the product page for detail specification of the motor kits

3. Choose a Chainring for the Kits

Varstrom provides 36-tooth, 44-tooth, 46-tooth, 48-tooth, 52-tooth for BBS series motors. More teeth will give the e-bike system higher top speeds, but a reduction in torque or acceleration. If you need to climb and the road is full of gravel, you can choose a smaller chainring, if you ride more on the road, you can choose a larger chainring.

Note: Our motor system is suitable for bikes with less than 8 speed cassettes, it is not suitable for bikes with more cassettes due to the offset of the chainring.

4. Choose a eBrake System for the eBike Kits

Varstrom provide BAFANG Mechanical eBrake levers if you bike uses mechanical brake. And the eBrake Sensor for your hydraulic brake. Or you can choose our whole Hydraulic eBrake Set on your bike.

5. Choose a Display for the eBike Kits

You can choose BAFANG eBike displays or Varstrom eBike displays to control the eBike system.

6. Choose the Battery for the Kits

If you have a battery with stable output, you can use the battery for our kits. If you don't have a storage battery, our storage battery could be your best choice.

7. Recommended accessories for the Kits

If you need to modify the parameter of the controller, you'll probably need a Programming Cable. If you choose a high powered motor, Gear Shifting Sensor will help you cut-off the power when you shift gears. If you want to track the bike from your iPhone, you can buy an Air Tag Locator.

What are the parts?

So, let's talk about what is inside a Bafang mid drive motor kit package.

First there is a motor and a pack of screws for mounting. Then the display, Varstrom offers many displays as options. Then the battery it is. And then a waterproof 1T4 EB-Bus cable, the cable is used to connect the motor to the display, thumb throttle and eBrake levers. Then we'll have a chainwheel and cranks for this motor, and the chainwheel and cranks are customized to be used on the eBike conversion kits, you don’t need to use the chainwheel or cranks from your bike. The gear sensor will cut the power of the system when the rider shifts gears. Next is the eBrake levers or the eBreak sensor, if the customer wants to keep their own brake levers, you can choose the eBrake sensors. Then there is the speed sensor set for recording speed and mileage information for the system. There is also a thumb throttle for controlling the output of the motor.

At the same time, Varstrom offers some gift for our customers such as the 36V/250W stickerbracket wrench, crank puller, XT60 connector cable for BBS01 or BBS02 or Anderson cable for BBSHD, headlight, gloves, cable ties, 73mm screws (for 73mm bracket) and the user manual.

bafang mid drive kit


Mid Drive Motor

250W 36/48V (68 to 73mm)
350W 36/48V (68 to 73mm)
750W 48V (68 to 73/100mm)
250W 48/52V (68 to 73/100/120mm)

bafang display dp c181


Bafang Display

Varstrom offers different displays for customers, and you can get an extra price discount ($10.00) by purchasing the meter along with the conversion kits.

varstrom hailong downtube battery


eBike Battery

Varstrom offer different batteries for customers, and you can get extra price discount ($20.00) by purchasing the battery along with the conversion kits.

varstrom chainwheel


Chain Wheel (Chainring)

Material: SPCC
Thickness: 3/32 (in)
BBS01/BBS01: 36/44/46/48/52T
Diameter: 5.98/7.1/7.5/7.8/8.5 (in)
Offset: 0/0.236/0.267/0.248/0.213 (in)
BBSHD: 36/40/42/44/46T
Diameter: 5.98/6.69/7.2/7.2/7.5 (in)
Offset: 0.279/0.480/0.370/0.370/0.728 (in)
Support 7/8/9/10 Flywheels

cranks for bafang ebike conversion kits


eBike Cranks

Length: 8.07 (in)
Compatible with Bafang mid drive kits. The cranks are used to replace the original cranks of the bike.

varstrom gear sensor for bafang ebike conversion kits


Gear Sensor

Shift sensor is used to cut the power of the motor when the rider is shifting gears, which can make the gear shifting smoother or quiet.

varstrom chainwheel


Mechanical eBrake Levers

Varstrom eBrake levers have built-in motor brake wires, it is used to replace your original mechanical eBrake Levers. EBrake levers connect to the 1T4 EB-Bus cable.

eBrake sensor for bafang ebike kits


eBrake Sensors

If you want to keep your Hydraulic levers or mechanical levers, you can choose this eBrake sensor to convert the original brake levers. The EBrake sensor connects to the 1T4 EB-Bus cable.

Varstrom speed for bafang mid drive kits


Speed Sensor Set

Speed sensor is used to record real-time speed and mileage information of the trip. Speed sensor connects to the motor.

thumb throttle for bafang ebike kits


Thumb Throttle

The motor has a built-in automatic pedal assistant system (PAS), while you can also use the thumb throttle to control the forward movement of the eBike.

headlight for bafang ebike conversion kits


eBike Headlight

Varstrom provide a headlight as a gift for the eBike conversion kits connect to the motor.

Bafang user manual


User Manual

Bafang eBike conversion kits installation. 

About Varstrom

Global one-stop e-bike conversion service for Bafang eBike Kits

Since 2018, Varstrom has been a Bafang partner brand. Over the last four years Varstrom has built very close relationships with our customers all over the world and Varstrom has set up warehouses and repair centers for complete e-bike conversion kits in many regions of the world. As soon as your complete e-bike conversion system is realized at Varstrom, you can get faster shipping from the warehouse and support from all these after-sales centers.

Shipping & Repairing

Varstrom and Bafang established very close cooperation. To provide Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Product, we also established a lot of warehouse around the word to make sure that all the customer will get their package without extra tax fees and as soon as possible. Also we work with local bike stores to provide repairing service. You can get one-year guarantee and lifetime warranty from these bike stores.

Varstrom eBike Conversion Service

Varstrom Bafang BBS01B/BBS02B Mid Drive Kits


  • BAFANG BBS01B 250W/36V
  • BAFANG BBS01B 250W/48V
  • BAFANG BBS01B 350W/36V
  • BAFANG BBS01B 350W/48V
  • BAFANG BBS02B 500W/36V
  • BAFANG BBS02B 500W/48V
  • BAFANG BBS02B 750W/48V
Varstrom Bafang BBSHD mid drive motor


  • BAFANG BBSHD 1000W/48V
  • BAFANG BBSHD 1000W/52V

eBike Displays

Varstrom offers Bafang and Accolmile displays. We highly recommend customers to consider Accolmile meters because they have the same performance as Bafang's but the price is much cheaper, it helps you complete the ebike conversion with lower budget.

Varstrom Battery

Greenway is one of Varstrom's battery suppliers, it is a leading company specializing in the battery design and manufacture. We have established a common goal to provide the safest, best performing and most cost effective eBike batteries for all those who use Bafang eBike motors.

If you don't know who is Greenway, you may know DURACELL and Energizer, they are top dry cell brand. And Greenway is their supplier.



DLG is the other one of Varstrom's battery suppliers. DLG provides customized green energy solutions based on core technology of battery cell manufacturing. DLG started E-BIKE project in 2007, 15 years of development has ensured the quality and safety of its eBike battery, which we can use their batteries with confidence.

 DLG has latest equipment and latest technology, Varstrom develop its new battery with DLG for better, safer batteries for Bafang Drive Kits.