Sergii Bondarenko's E-Bike Life

First e-Bike

My first e-bike experience was in Japan in 2012 where there was no option for regular bicycle renting at that moment. After one day of riding, I was shocked that the small bike can move me more than 50 kilometers on one charge over relief terrain at an average speed much faster than my regular bike. Several years later I bought my first mid-drive Bafang HD and started to use it as a main transport in the City, and sometimes in the country conditions to understand where the limits are.

First E-Bike Conversion

One year ago I decided to equip a bicycle for long-distance autonomous traveling and started my new journey. Fortunately, Bafang HD power and itanium frame were enough to bring with me 4 bags with more than 40 kg of different stuff inside.

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Easier To Climb Uphill

The more I was riding the more I liked this feeling of power which helps you to climb 30° uphill or ride with 150 kg weight (equipped bike+rider) via road with 50 km/h speed and covering 120 km by one charge. But even the most important is to realize that you are still a bicycle rider - not a motor cycler, which give you a lot of benefits.

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The More You Ride, The More You Like

You can pedal actively and keep fit to the degree that your body needs by increasing or reducing the assist level. You are absolutely silent, do not create smog, and during the riding can hear every sound of nature around you without interfering with it. You can lift and carry your bike yourselves if needed, take it with you on the train or bus, and continue riding if your battery is empty.

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