mid drive test

mid drive test

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Chainring Tooth 36T
eBrake Options Mechanical eBrake Levers

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Why Convert Your Bike to an eBike

If you own a bike, you should know about the benefits that an eBike can do for you. Pedal assist mode, reduce stress and impact on your knees and thighs. Throttle mode, an e-bike is like a clean and gentle motorcycle, it produces no exhaust fumes and is relatively quiet. Save time, you can get higher speed with less pedaling or no pedaling, the average speed of cycling is 10 km/h and you will not fell tired, but the speed of an eBike can be 20 to 50km/h, you may save 50% to 80% of the travel time. Cutting costs, if you use a motorcycle or car, you need to consider high fuel costs and parking costs, eBike can save all those costs. Nature-friendly, riding an e-bike is emission-free and using the e-bike helps protect the environment.

What Do I Need to Convert My Bike to an eBike

You need a set of eBike conversion kits, they include a motor, a display, a pair of eBrake levers, a chainring, and a battery. In Varstrom, you will get everything you need to convert your bike.

How Can I Choose the Right Kits for My eBike Conversion

1. Confirm the Bottom Bracket Size

Varstrom provides 68 to 73mm/100mm/120mm BB size for BBS series (250W/350W/500W/750W/1000W) mid drive kits. 68 to 73mm BAFANG mid drive kits are suitable for most bicycles, if you still don't know whether our motor is suitable for your bicycle, you can download and print our measuring paper for measurement, or you can contact us to confirm the size.

Download Measurement Paper for BAFANG Mid Motor

2. Choose the Power of the Motor

Varstrom provides 3 series for BAFANG mid motors, motors of different series provide significantly different speeds and max torque, motors of the same series provide similar speeds and max torque. You can go to the product page for detail specification of the motor kits

3. Choose a Chainring for the Kits

Varstrom provides 36-tooth, 44-tooth, 46-tooth, 48-tooth, 52-tooth for BBS series motors. More teeth will give the e-bike system higher top speeds, but a reduction in torque or acceleration. If you need to climb and the road is full of gravel, you can choose a smaller chainring, if you ride more on the road, you can choose a larger chainring.

Note: Bafang Mid Drive Motor system is more suitable for bikes with less than 8 speed cassettes, if your bike has 9 to 11-speed cassette, the chain may drop off when you shift to the highest torque cassette due to the offset of the chainring.

4. Choose a eBrake System for the eBike Kits

Varstrom provide BAFANG Mechanical eBrake levers if you bike uses mechanical brake. And the eBrake Sensor for your hydraulic brake. Or you can choose our whole Hydraulic eBrake Set on your bike.

5. Choose a Display for the eBike Kits

You can choose BAFANG eBike displays or Varstrom eBike displays to control the eBike system.

6. Choose the Battery for the Kits

If you have a battery with stable output, you can use the battery for our kits. If you don't have a storage battery, our storage battery could be your best choice.

7. Recommended accessories for the Kits

If you need to modify the parameter of the controller, you'll probably need a Programming Cable. If you choose a high powered motor, Gear Shifting Sensor will help you cut-off the power when you shift gears. If you want to track the bike from your iPhone, you can buy an Air Tag Locator.