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Accolmile Cola Bear 27.5" IN 750W 48V eMTB with Bafang BBH02B Mid Drive Kits

Accolmile Cola Bear 27.5" IN 750W 48V eMTB with Bafang BBH02B Mid Drive Kits

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Product Core Data


eMTB - the future of MTB

Accolmile Cola Bear electric mountain bike absorbs the advantages of many mountain bikes, suspension fork, large knobby tires, more durable wheels, more powerful brakes, straight, extra wide handlebars to improve balance and comfort over rough terrain.

750W and 100N.m Max Torque

Cola Bear has built-in a Bafang 750W 48V BBS02B Mid Drive Motor, this motor is the best one in Bafang BBS02B series. It provides Cola Bear with powerful torque (100N.m) for higher acceleration, higher speed (40 to 45 km/h) and stronger climbing ability, allowing Cola Bear to conquer any mountains and rivers.

Mechanical Configurations

SHINAMO CS-M310 8-speed rear derailleur, SHINAMO CS-HG201-9, 11 to 32-tooth, 8-speed cassette flywheel. SUNTOUR XCM 27.5 inch front fork, hydraulic disc brakes, brake levers with power cut-off function, full suspension system.

Comes with Accolmile 860C Display

Accolmile colorful 860C is an excellent eMTB display, you can find every detail of the eMTB on the display. Clock, Battery Status, Front Light Sensor, Brake Sensor, Speed Loop and Speed, Power Value, Power Indicator, Assist Level, Mileage, Time, etc.

Built-in 48V 17.5Ah Battery

Samsung 18650 cells. An integrated battery is very important for the eMTB, it can be locked and ensure the stability of the battery, the exposed battery may have disconnected due to bumpy roads, resulting in power cut off. At the same time, a integrated battery in eMTB looks much better.

Most Sensitive PAS Mode

The most sensitive pedal-sensing system meet most to the riding of the rider and provide more powerful propulsion, making it easier for the rider to cross the hill. Built-in a variety of riding modes to meet a variety of riding needs.

Guarantee and Warranty

Accolmile and Varstrom came from a same company, Accolmile focus on complete eBike when Varstrom focus on Bafang eBike conversion kits. As long as the product is packed and the pack is not disassembled, we offer a 14-day unconditional return for a refund. Varstrom and Accolmile also provide 1-year free warranty, and lifetime paid warranty.

eBike Specification

  • Brand: Accolmile
  • Type: eMTB
  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy
  • Product: Cola Bear 750W/48V
  • Motor: BAFANG 750W 48V BBS02B Mid Drive Motor
  • Battery: 48 (V) 17.5 (Ah)
  • Display: Accolmile 860C
  • Chain Wheel: Bafang 46-tooth
  • Flywheel: SHINAMO CS-HG201-9
  • Rear Dial: SHINAMO CS-M310
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Disc Oil Brakes
  • Power Assistance Level: 9 Levels
  • Wheel Size:27.5 (in)
  • Tire Type: 27.5*2.25 (in)
  • Front Fork: Full Suspension
  • Max Speed: 55 (km/h)
  • Riding Range: 100 to 130 (km)
  • Loading: 76 (lbs)/180 (kg)
  • Bike Weight: 62 (lbs)/28.0 (kg)
  • Color: Black/Black and Red
  • Packaging Size: 162*26* 82 (cm)

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