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With more than 5 years of experience in the field of outdoor cycling, we have assisted hundreds of customers to improve their bike as well as their lifestyle. Understanding the need for dedicated products, we only use the best product quality and the most complete after-sales service, providing the best experience for all of cyclists.

Tips for cycling

Safety check before riding

(1) Whether the front and rear air pressure of the electric vehicle is normal (200KP for inner and outer tires, 300-350KP for vacuum tires), and the fingers can not hold it.
(2) Check the brakes, hold the brakes and push the vehicle forward, if it can be pushed, it is time to replace the brake shoes.

Pre-ride gear check

(1) Safety helmets are indispensable. It is necessary to wear helmets at the current speed of electric vehicles.
(2) Goggles, gloves and knee pads are also worn, especially for long-distance riding under unfamiliar road conditions.

Keep safety rules in mind

(1) Don't run red light.
(2) Don't occupy the road and don't go backwards.
(3) Keep the distance between vehicles and do not ride side by side.

(4) Do not call or look at your mobile phone while driving

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