How to Choose A Bafang Mid Drive Kits

What Is The Power For an E-bike Motor?

E-bikes are generally rated in several powers, ranging from 250 watts to about 1000 watts. To help you learn how much power you need to make your e-bike conversion. We can get some perspective for what power means in human terms.

Pedaling at the typical cruising speed of a non-sport rider (about 9 mph) requires about 30 watts, same energy as normal walk. Top speed is up to 20 mph and requires 250 watts - more than most non-athletes can handle. Riding up a 10% hill at just faster than walking speed requires 150 watts which makes most riders breathe and sweat. A great Tour de France racer can put out 500 watts for an hour, and 1000 watts can be put out when they sprint to the finish line. So, choose 750 watts on an electric bike, which means we can get an extra legs and lungs of a professional bike racer.

250W E-bike Mid Motors

The lowest power class for electric bicycles is usually the 250 watts, 250 watts Ebikes are also limited between 15 to 20 mph (25 to 32 km/h).This is legal in many countries for bicycle motors.

350 to 500 Watts Motors

While 250 watts e-bikes are sluggish to accelerate, bikes that reach closer to 500 watts will pull much quicker. This will feel like a entire different for a lighter riders. 500 watts is usually necessary for an e-bike to get 20 mph (32 km/h) of speed. However, heavy riders may not feel much difference on flat land.

750 to 1000 Watts Electric Bicycles

Once you install a 750 watts motor on your bike, you’re getting with some real power and also good hill climbing performance. 28 mph (45 km/h) is the speed refer to a 750 watts e-bikes. Most heavy riders will find more pleasure with 1000 watts e-bikes.

Varstrom Service

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