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Varstrom 36V eBike Conversion Battery for BAFANG Drive System

Varstrom 36V eBike Conversion Battery for BAFANG Drive System

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Product Core Data

36V 15.6Ah Shark Battery:
Rated Volt: 36 (V)
Rated Capacity: 15.6 (Ah)
Cell: 18650 Cell
Install Size: 36.8*9.1*11.1 (cm)
Battery Weight: about 3.5 (kg)
Max Constant Discharge Current: 30 (A)
Peak Current: 60 (A)
Charging Time: 1000

36V 17.4Ah Shark Battery:
Rated Volt: 36 (V)
Rated Capacity: 17.4 (Ah)
Cell: 18650 Cell
Install Size: 36.8*9.1*11.1 (cm)
Battery Weight: about 3.5 (kg)
Max Constant Discharge Current: 30 (A)
Peak Current: 60 (A)
Charging Time: 1000

36V 21.0Ah Shark Battery:
Rated Volt: 36 (V)
Rated Capacity: 21.0 (Ah)
Cell: 18650 LG Cell
Install Size: 36.8*9.1*11.1 (cm)
Battery Weight: about 3.6 (kg)
Max Constant Discharge Current: 30 (A)
Peak Current: 60 (A)
Charging Time: 1000

Shipping Policy

Varstrom Shipping Policy

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Where Varstrom Can Reach

Varstrom had became Bafang Cooperation Brand since 2018. Over the past four years, we have built a very close relationship with Bafang Company. Varstrom has established a lot of warehouse around the word to make sure that all the customer will get their package as soon as possible.

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Regions Delivery Time
United States 3 to 7 business days
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Poland 2 to 4 business days
Australia 3 to 5 business days

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How to Contact Varstrom

Company Address: Room 408B, 4/F, Lippo Sun Plaza, 28 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR


WhatsApp: +86 15989932938

Delivery Area
Battery Capacity

Mileage for 36V 15.6/17.4/21.0Ah HaiLong Downtube Battery

Conservative Mileage for 36V 15.6Ah Used on Motors

  • Throttle Mode: 45km (36V/250W), 40km (36V/350W), 36KM (36V/500W)
  • PAS Mode: 90km (36V/250W), 80km (36V/350W), 72KM (36V/500W)

Conservative Mileage for 36V 17.4Ah Used on Motors

  • Throttle Mode: 50km (36V/250W), 45km (36V/350W), 40KM (36V/500W)
  • PAS Mode: 100km (36V/250W), 90km (36V/350W), 80KM (36V/500W)

Conservative Mileage for 36V 21.0Ah Used on Motors

  • Throttle Mode: 60km (36V/250W), 55km (36V/350W), 50KM (36V/500W)
  • PAS Mode: 120km (36V/250W),110km (36V/350W), 100KM (36V/500W)

Battery Installation Measurement

  • Battery and Socket (inch): 14.46*3.54*4.37

File: Hailong_battery_installation_measurement

Suitable Motor

If you want to buy a Varstrom eBike battery as replacement, please know that Varstrom battery can be the power source for the BAFANG UART protocol mid drive conversion kits or BAFANG hub kits. But it is not suitable for BAFANG CAN protocol mid drive motors.

Upgraded Connection Method

Varstrom upgrade battery connector

The new HAILONG battery connector adopts a new design, the pins are no longer the entirety of the connector, but are protected in the connector. The new design can protect the pins from being bent when the bicycle is in vigorous moving, and the gold-plated design also reduces the resistance of the connector, reducing the chance of the connector being burnt.

Battery Management System

  • Overpower Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Cell Balancing

Anti-theft Safe Lock

Ebery Varstrom Hailong battery has the lock and keys, the lock can help to fix the battery and prevent others from taking the battery, you can use the keys to lock the battery when you install it on the socket and unlock to take the battery for charging.

USB Connector Avaliable

Each Hailong battery is equipped with a USB port, which can charge your mobile phone or other devices. At the same time, you can judge the power of the battery through the indicator light of the battery. 1 Red+3 Green (100%), 1 Red+2 Green (75%), 1 Red+1 Green (50%), 1 Red+0 Green (25%), it means you need to charge the battery.

Other Battery Options

Varstrom also provide other battery for Bafang eBike conversion kits.

Tips for Riding eBike

Increased Range Reduced Range
Low Average Speed High Average Speed
Light Load Heavy Load
Flat/downhill Terrain Uphill Terrain
Narrow Road Tires Wide Knobby Tires
Tailwind Headwind
Sliding Stop and Start
Summer Winter

Package Include

  • 1*eBike Battery
  • 1*Charger
  • 1*XT 60 Cable
  • 1*Waterproof Bag

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