Join Varstrom as a Key Opinion Leader (KOC/KOL): Collaborate to Promote Electric Assist Cycling!

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Varstrom has always been committed to promoting electric assist bicycles because Varstrom believes that if we choose the best mode of transportation, it is electric assist bicycles. The reason is that they consume less energy and are safer.

Do you know the benefits of electric assist cycling? Electric assist cycling, like electric cars, is changing the traditional way of travel. We are only one step away from carbon neutrality, which is to replace combustion engines with electric assist cycling along with electric biking. Everyone can contribute to this goal and be rewarded.

Why become our KOC/KOL?

  • Influence Change: The best way to promote is through user recommendations. If you have used electric assist bicycles and benefited from them, you should share your experience with everyone because you are not only promoting a better mode of transportation but also promoting environmental protection, helping the earth restore its health.
  • Generous Commissions: Varstrom is willing to spare no effort in promoting electric assist cycling. Through high commissions, you can increase your income while practicing environmental protection.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations can bring powerful partnerships. As a member of ours, you will have the opportunity to improve products with customers, collaborate deeply with Varstrom, create innovative solutions, and drive positive change.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for like-minded cyclists who are:

  • Enthusiastic riders;
  • Have a belief in protecting the earth's environment;
  • Are influential and compassionate.

How to apply?

If you are ready to join Varstrom as a KOC/KOL and change the world together with Varstrom, you can register as our Affiliate. Upon successful registration, you can immediately persuade people around you to join electric assist cycling and earn commissions. Join us today to shape the future of the earth together and have a lasting impact on the world. Join us as a KOC/KOL, let us embark on this journey together!

WhatsApp: +86 15989932938

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