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Bafang Chain Wheel 40/42/44/46T without Guard for BBSHD

Bafang Chain Wheel 40/42/44/46T without Guard for BBSHD

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Chain Wheel for Bafang BBSHD Only

How to choose the Chain Wheel

There are 4 kinds of Bafang chain wheel. 44-tooth, 46-tooth, 48-tooth, 52-tooth. How to choose the chain wheel depends on the purpose of your cycling.

If we ride to the mountain, Climbing riding not only needs a high power motor, but also needs to use a chain wheel with a lower number of teeth to provide more power to the electric bike, 36-tooth or 44-tooth is good for climbing riding. Gentle slope riding is another kind of climbing riding, but it doesn't need that high power as mountain climbing. 46-boote is the choice. The less tooth number of the chain wheel, the more power it provide, but it pays the speed.

If we just ridn on a flat road, and we need to get the heighest speed of the eBIke, larger chain wheel will be the choice. 48-tooth or 52-tooth is created for flat road cycling. These chainring can maintain speed and save power while the electric bike is riding at high speed.

Accolmile Chainring Options

**36-tooth without guard chain is offered by Varstrom. It is not manufactured by Bafang.

Chat With Varstrom

If you don't know how to choose a right chain wheel, please use the Chat With Us button at the bottom of the page. Share us with you eBIke conversion plan and we will give you a professional advice.

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